55+ Relocation Services – Explained

Educational Videos with Kurt Ness, Senior Relocation Specialist

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55+ Relocation Services Introduction

Seniors relocating without relatives nearby

Handling financing issues for family members moving into Senior Facilities

What to do with your stuff when downsizing

What to do with your photos when moving seniors or downsizing

Tips on saving digital photos for your move

What to do with your clothing when moving seniors or downsizing

What to do with your collections when moving into Senior Facility or downsizing

Options of How and Where to Sell Collections and Valuables

Definition of Hoarding and how to alleviate the Stress of the Move

Level 1 and 2 Classifications of Hoarding, and how to Help a Loved One When Moving

The “Barbed Wire Discipline” Approach to Downsizing or Relocating Seniors

How to Handle Stuff After the Death of a Loved One

Level 3, 4 and 5 Classifications of Hoarding, How to Handle When Downsizing or Relocating

Being Proactive instead of Reactive in Senior Relocations

Handling Grief When Senior Loved Ones Pass

Estate Administration Tips